White turkish tumbler

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White turkish tumbler

Postby love my birds » Mon May 23, 2011 2:59 am

Hi everyone I live in California And I'm From Iraq I have a Pair of whit Turkish tumblers and out of this pair I have got 7 birds but they all came out hens , The original female its not laying eggs any moor But I try to pair the father to the daughter and out of every three sets of eggs I"m gitting only one good egg and My luck its another hen , If anyone out their please like to trade me a couple cocks for my hens I will be very appreciates or If you have a couple cocks extra in your cage I will be interested in buying . I have a very good blood line , I have fluing one of the hens last year she tumblet very well and last year I competed with a Friend which he live about 18 miles from me I flue my hen from his cage along with his 9 birds and my bird Brock out of his flight and came home . This bird always did 4-5 hours of flying time , Intel the howk last year got hold of here and nailed here . disappointed every time I remember that hen But that's why I teal you I have a very good blood line .

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