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Oynak is a rather controversial breed in Turkey.
Old Oynak or we should say what Oynak used to be was a smallish bird with 12 tail feathers and double oil-glands.
It performed very similar to Dolapcı.
It was the main breed kept in the cities of Burdur and Isparta.
I am not sure how many years ago this was, 40-50 maybe.
Since then the breeders of these cities focused on the final dive of the breed and tried to extend it as much as possible.
To do this they have brought in many breeds in to their lofts.
Most of these birds Dolapcı which is a very similar breed in may physical qualities as well as the performance.
Focusing on this final dive the breeders continued to introduce new breeds into Oynak, including, Kosova, Selanik, Üsküp (AKA Makedon or Topka) and Dönek (Galaça, white head and tail)
Now what we call Oynak is pretty much a mixed bird that might have a double oil gland or a single or none, can have 12 to 22 tail feathers and a mediocre flier/performer.
I am not sure if there are still pure breed Oynaks out there still but I have not seen or heard one during my trips there.

There are many studies about the breed in relation to other breeds.
In time I will translate some of them and post here.
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